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Neutering Dogs: Advantages and drawbacks

Here are one of the pros and cons for this medical procedure.

Why neutering a male dog?

Two of the premiere reasons behind a man dog castration are going to prevent their escape reducing the potential of fights to dogs. Dogs found in occupational therapy (p. Eg., Guide dogs for that blind or disabled) and shelter dogs also are generally neutered.

Sometimes castration is unavoidable for medical reasons (p. Eg., No descent from the testicles to scrotal) bag.

When you castrate men dog?

Normally, castration is carried out immediately before puberty, between 7 and 10 months of life. The large dogs and giant usually reach puberty after smaller therefore, the previous use a somewhat older age when castrated.

The castration helps prevent premature sexual behavior. Your new puppy will feel less drawn to females in heat and therefore will be less inclined to mount them or urinate to mark territory.

The way to castrate a male dog?

The surgical removal with the testicles is among the most frequent way of neutering a male dog. In a few rare cases, the testicles are kept intact, but the seminiferous tubules occluded. This option is adopted if you want in order to avoid playing without modifying the dog's behavior (p. Eg., For working dogs). Within the testes, hormones are produced. Because they think that the possible lack of them can generate some behavioral disorder, some veterinarians do some sort of vasectomy, maintaining your testicles. However, this can be quite rare in Brazil. Inside our country, castration basically contains removing the testicles.

Where neutering men dog?

Castration is surgery that should invariably be carried out by veterinarians inside a veterinary clinic.

Castration and health

Recent reports show the life expectancy of neutered dogs is more than for the whole. Neutered male dogs generally live about 14% more.

It is more likely which a dog neutered put on pounds compared to a whole dog. Therefore, diet and physical exercise of male canine has to be strictly controlled to keep it in good condition. Frequent measurement of weight and / or the standard assessment of body condition will help be sure that his weight will not increase. Thus it is recommended give a special diet with caloric restriction, say for example a maintenance diet with decrease in the daily amount of energy adapted per animal.

Each time a dog is neutered as an adult, their behavior is just not necessarily changed. Typically, castration isn't an adequate means to fix treat behavioral disorders, unless the dog is very aggressive before other dogs.